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Energy Water Sports has several activities that are designed to be enjoyed as a group. We will work with you to organize a group event using our boards/kayaks and beach. You can also come to one of our regularly scheduled activities. We have 3 regularly scheduled activities for you to participate in Paddle Fit, Sup Yoga, and Sunset Paddle. Each of these events are offered at least once a week and open anyone who wants to come. We do have a limited amount of Boards though so call to reserve yours.

Fitness Paddle is a chance to paddle with one of our instructors and push yourself a little to put a little intensity into your paddling. We will be offering this regularly on Saturday mornings at 9 am. It will last 1-1.5 hours and the cost is $20 per person.

SUP Yoga adds a new dimension to your regular yoga routine. Your instructor will put you through some poses on the stand up board. The class will be open to every one. We will organize the class weekly based on the number of people we have signed up. Morning and evening classes will be available. The class lasts 1 hr the cost is $ 35 per person.

Sunset Paddle is a super cool way to finish your day. We meet 1 hr before sunset on the beach at Sunset Cove to assemble the group. From there one of our instructors will paddle out with you just outside the cove to our favorite little point. From there you will witness an amazing sunset every time.  This trip is regularly offered on Wednesday evenings at a cost of $15 for board rental.

Team Building is an opportunity to get your coworkers, church group, or family and friends together for an activity on the beach we can combine beach an water activities and customize your event to satisfy you groups time and activity level. Pricing and available times are based on the size of the group and length of the event.